Product Details

Aloe Vera Herbal Bleach


Product Details

Oxi9 Aleo Vera Herbal Bleach is prepared with a proprietary blend of aloe vera and other herbal extracts. Its ammonia-free formula makes it safe for sensitive skin.  It lightens the skin tone to make your skin look fairer, even-toned and beautiful. Aloe Vera Herbal Bleach is the ultimate herbal solution to the unwanted hair growth on your skin.

Cleanse your face and allow it to dry. Massage the Pre Bleach Cream gently into your face for 3 to 5 minutes. Allow time for it to dry before removing it with a cotton pad. Then take Bleach cream and Activator powder in 4:1 proportion. Mix them together with a spatula and a plate. Apply this mixture with the help of your fingertips on the face and neck as well. Wait for 15 minutes after it's an application if you have a medium to the fair complexion and wait for 10 minutes after its application if you have a dusky complexion. Remove the bleach cream with a cotton pad or tissue paper and then wash your face. Pat dry and finally apply the Post Bleach Cream to provide a soothing finish.

- Lighten Blemishes
- Improves Complexion
- Lustrous Sheen
- Instant Radiant
- Glowing Complexion
- Prevent Skin Discoloration
- Adds life to skin
- Herbal Formulation
- Skin Rejuvenation