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Charcoal Soap - 2 pieces


Product Details

Natural, cold pressed and triplemiled invigorating soap with activated charcoal. A finepowder of activated charcoal, known for its power to absorb impurities, oilsand toxins, effectively exfoliates and stimulates the skin. Salicylic acid is apowerful pain reliever and improves circulation in thebody.Our addedAromatherapy blend of essential oils makes it good for the skin and good forthe senses.

Tobe used as a bathing soap.Wetthe body, rub soap gently to make rich leather, leave for few minutes &wash thoroughly.

Removes excess oil, Treats acne, Removes blackheads, Remove dead skin
Deep cleanses, Purifies skin, Flawless skin, Reduces Pore Size, Makes skin tighter& Firmer