Product Details

Spices Body Butter


Product Details

Hand crafted to deliver moistureof the most luxurious, longest lasting variety, our unscented, and 100%organic Oxi9 Spices Body Butter has everything your skin needs to becomesoft, dewy, and radiant you remember. An extravagant blend of exoticspices like clove, holy basil, Tamala leaf Extract, also known as Tajpatta deeply hydrateand clean skin, leaving it supple and smooth. Aloe barbadensis Extract healsirritated skin as it shields from dehydration, leaving skin drenched inmoisture all day. 

Scoop a dollop of bodybutter out with your fingers, then massage over your entire body. Works bestafter cleansing with Spice Gel Scrub, or anytime skin needs to be quenched!

Seals in Moisture, Collagen Regeneration, Soothing Touch, Softer and Healthier Skin, Aromatically Rich, Promotes Elasticity, Long lasting hydration, Skin Nourishment, Maintains PH Balance