Product Details

Moroccan Argan Soap Bar 125g


Product Details

The freshness and beauty of the Moroccan Soap is unparalleled. Revel in the soothing clean and fresh fragrance of Oxi9 Moroccan Soap. They act as moisturizers for your skin and keep it hydrated giving it a soft feel. The pure natural ingredients of this soap will keep the natural glow of your skin intact. 

- Wet the soap
- Rub it till it foams.
- Apply on your wet body and massage it all over.
- Rinse well.

- Skin freshness
- Soothing skin
- Removes skin pores dirt
- Removes skin impurities
- Skin hydration
- Leaves skin silky and soft
- Skin protection
- Skin moisturization
- Maintain glowing skin