Product Details

9 in 1 Essential Charcoal Toothpaste 75g


Product Details

A new, unique, natural toothpaste alternative for your entire family to promote healthy teeth and gums without toxic ingredients. Our all-natural formula cleans and safety polishes teeth while removing harsh stains. Restore your smile to its brightest white this unique blend of earth and plant-based ingredients.

Brush thoroughly at least twice a day. Children under six years of age should have adult supervision and use only a pea sized amount. Do not swallow. Keep in a cool place. Do not refrigerate.

Removes Stains                                                                                  Prevents Cavities                                                                                  Gum Protection                                                                                    Removes Bad Breath                                                                                  Removes Plaque                                                                                    Maintains Freshness
Removes Germs                                                                                Prevents Sensitivity
Prevents Gingivitis