Product Details

Intensive Under Eye Repair Cream


Product Details

This under eye cream is a radical natural cream with active next generation ingredients like Avocado extracts & Vitamin E Peptides. This cream visibly smoothes and energizes the eye contour. It improves firmness, elasticity and hydration overnight. An intensive hydrating under eye cream plumps and smoothes the delicate under eye area eliminating fine lines and eye puffiness. 

Apply the Under Eye Cream by gently smoothing it over the entire eye area in a circular movement. Start from the top inside corner of the eyes, following the contour of your eyes, by moving outwards and then toward the area underneath the eyes. 

•Fades Dark Circles
•Smooth Fine Lines
•Elasticity and Firmness
•Rejuvenate Tired Eyes
•Non Greasy
•Enhance Skin Hydration
•Smoothens Expression Lines
•Counters Anti-Aging
•Powerful Antioxidant