About Us

Oxi9 World

Working successfully all over India since 2011.

Oxi9 essentials are clinically proven, highly performing, international quality standard products. Using only the purest most efficacious ingredients, our natural herbal products are formulated to provide targeted solutions for enhancing appearance, nourishing and health. .

Oxi9 Herbal products represent the furthest advancements in scientific skincare and haircare. Our formulations are rooted in rigorous research and testing, and manufactured by us using the highest ethical standard. Oxi9 skincare products are never tested on animals. .

To launch these herbal products we were in search of New and Unique Products which are currently not available in India. For Research we have travelled to various areas of the world which are ahead in Cosmetics Business than India. .

We Found Unique Selling Point as "PARABEN FREE& SULPHATE FREE Herbal Cosmetics"..

We have introduced our Complete Range of Products with PARABEN FREE&SULPHATE FREE USPs 1st time in India. .

Oxi9 is inspired every day by the positive effects of our products and safety measures on people’s lives. .


“Empowering People Worldwide to Live Life king size”


To have more than 10,000 Franchises by 2025

Director's Message

“Empowering People World Wide”

We would Like to Express Our Deepest Gratitude to All the Oxi9 Essentials Family Who Relentlessly Worked since 2011 And Helping Us To Map Amongst The National Platform, Spreaded Across 36 States with wide range of Product Line, Pioneering Paraben-Free Products. Our Products are Clinically Proven and ensure The Most Efficacious Ingredients.

Our Products are constructed after a Rigorous R&D Process, and the Company Believes In ethics, Commitment And Loyalty.

We are Growing Phase, In the Coming Years We Continue to Broaden Our Horizon by Creating Great Products, Strong Business and In turn A Better World With a Strong Will and Commitment To A Strategy Based On Continues Growth And Innovations.

“We are a team, Not because we work Together…

We are a team, because we respect, Trust and Care for each other”