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Itis the customer's responsibility to login earlier if they want to avail betterproducts or styles because M/s. Oxi9 Essentials Pvt. Ltd. India sales are"first come, first served". The merchandise is not restocked oncesold out. No information regarding the presence of any Product in our stockwill be guaranteed and we will alert you only when an item is sold out.

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M/s.Oxi9 Essentials Pvt. Ltd. personal care products are based on naturalformulations. Though enormous efforts are made and precautions taken to renderthe products absolutely safe for human use, it is possible that certainingredients may cause allergic reactions to certain individuals or adverselyaffect individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. Please make yourselfaware of the ingredients and usage instructions accompanying each of ourproducts to make sure that they are safe for you to use. It will be your soleresponsibility to take proper precaution/ professional medical/ dermatologicaladvice before using any of our personal care products that you may be allergicto. You agree that the oxi9 India will not be responsible or liable for anyproduct related issues including without limitation any allergic reactions toyou on account of usage of our products. For any purchases made throughwww.oxi9.com.in, you will inter alia be governed by the limitation of liabilityand disclaimer conditions provided in more detail with the productpackaging/leaflets.

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